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In order to remove some of the ‘mystery’ involved in  booking a band, we have compiled a brief list of frequently asked questions to help you in your decision.

If there is anything you feel we may have missed, please let us know and we’ll gladly answer your enquiry and/or add it to the website. 

Frequently Asked Questions….

“Where are Groove Cruise located?” 
Groove Cruise are based in and around Aberdeen, Scotland

“What type of events are you available for?” 
We perform for clubs, larger bars, weddings, parties (we  like parties!!!) corporate events, fundraisers and outdoor festivals.

“What type of music do you play?” 
We play covers ranging from the sixties, up to today’s top 40 hits. Artists covered include Stevie Wonder, Pink, Joss Stone, Chic, Anastacia, Joe Cocker, Jessie J, Jamiroquai……

“Can you provide music for a ceremony and / or cocktail hour?”
Sorry, but we’re more of an upbeat party band.

“What are the advantages of using a live band?” 
Live music creates energy and excitement that simply cannot  be duplicated with recorded music. We create a mood that gets the crowd dancing and makes the party one to remember!

“What are the band’s requirements?” 
We don’t need a stage but an area of approx. 14′ x 10′ is required for us to set up the equipment. We also need an adjacent 240v domestic power supply – a double socket either side is usually sufficient. At events where formal dress is required, we would require changing facilities of some kind. The provision of (or access to) some form of practical refreshments may also be required – particularly if you require us to arrive at your event in the late afternoon or early evening.

“What else do you provide?”
A high quality P.A. sound system and where required (such as some private functions) we can provide stage lighting.

“How much will it cost?”
This depends very much on the individual circumstances of each event eg: location, duration and timing of the performance(s). We are always happy to quote on request.

“Can I come and see you?”
Certainly! We would advise anyone looking to book a personal or corporate party to come along to one of our public gigs and see if we are what you need. Have a look at the upcoming gigs section and let us know, we’d love to meet you!

“How long do you play for?”
Usually 2 to 3 hours. We’re pretty flexible but two 80 minutes sets with a 20 minute break is the norm.

“Do I need to meet with the band coordinator?” 
Most planning can be done over the phone and via e-mail, however we like meeting people to give the gig that personal touch.

“I want Groove Cruise as my band. What do I do next?”
Just get in touch via the weblink above with your contact phone number and some details about the gig and we will contact you.